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                                           Government & Public Relations Executive 

Bilal Eksili was born and raised in Turkey. He studied foreign languages in the Russian Federation. He holds a master’s degree in Linguistics and earned a second master’s degree in International Relations and Conflict Resolution from American Public University.

A dedicated community organizer and rights advocate with a service-oriented vision, Bilal Eksili has dedicated his career to diversity education, promoting peace and supporting human dignity. His ability to positively influence others combined with experience in government and public relations has helped him successfully lead nationally and internationally recognized and awarded achievements. 

Eksili is credited with establishing the Niagara Foundation’s Indiana Branch in 2007 where he served as Executive Director. Niagara is a non-profit organization that works to benefit the community by supporting education, societal peace, friendship and human dignity. The organization comprises likeminded members who strive to build lasting relationships between people of different cultures and faiths. While leading the Indiana chapter, he organized a multitude of events for the community, including intercultural friendship dinners, luncheon forums, lecture series and Friendship Trips to Turkey and abroad.


Prior to starting the Indiana branch, he volunteered for Niagara Foundation’s outreach efforts in Chicago where he used his public relations, networking and grassroots organizing skills to help the Turkish American community branch out in the greater Chicago area.


Eksili’s accomplishments have been recognized on both state and federal levels. In 2008, FBI Director Robert Mueller presented him with the Director’s Community Leadership Award in Washington, DC. And in 2009 Lt. Governor Becky Skillman bestowed him with the Distinguished Hoosier Award.


He worked for numerous regional and national organizations doing advocacy work to promote economic and cultural relations. 


Currently, he is leading an Advocacy Council which promotes and advocates for human rights, democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression, social justice, education and peace-building initiatives nationally and internationally.



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